WE MADE IT! With 16 hours of travel, 3 suitcases, 2 carry-on’s, 1 large dog and 1 GIANT dog crate, we arrived in Zurich, Switzerland for our new adventure: living in this charming city in the heart of western Europe.

Arriving in Zurich

Arriving in Zurich!

Our journey from San Francisco to Zurich was fairly smooth, beginning with a 12-person shuttle pick-up to fit Dunkin’s giant crate! (OK and maybe our 5 suitcases too) :). Upon arrival at SFO, Dunkin was checked in as “excess baggage” and loaded onto the cargo section of our plane. Swiss Airlines was amazing and took extra care to make sure he arrived safely. Relocating a 70-pound dog overseas is no easy feat! But what would we do without our fur baby along for the ride?

12-person shuttle to SFO

Dunkin waiting patiently at the Swiss Airlines gate

Our new adventure here begins with a two-month stay in corporate housing, a beautiful hotel up in the hills overlooking the city with the forest in our backyard. One of the things I love most about Zurich (as well as San Francisco) is the proximity and ease of access to both city AND nature.

Dunkin at Lake Zurich

Dunkin enjoying the view at Lake Zurich

 Our first week was packed with activities that included frolicking around town and ambitiously checking off our “to-do” list:

  • Getting over jet lag, unpacking and settling into temp housing
  • Submitting paperwork for our resident and work permits
  • Finding an apartment – We saw over a dozen apartments in several neighborhoods and found a great place. Just waiting for approval!
  • Buying our transit passes. The public transportation in Zurich is incredibly: 1) Efficient 2) Punctual and 3) Clean. All in all, a very pleasant change from San Francisco (sorry, Muni but you will not be missed!)
  • Getting our cell phones! I’m now officially connected with a Swisscom-enabled iPhone.
  • Registering Dunkin with a local vet and getting an EU pet passport. “Woof. Wuff. Ouah. Bau. Guf”.

It’s September and Fall is just around the corner. We’ve been experiencing nice weather and hope to squeeze in as much outdoor time as possible before it cools down. So far, it’s been a great start!