In the land most notable for chocolates, cheeses and luxury watches, it is the canine who reigns supreme. Abundant greenery, lakes, birds to chase and welcomed everywhere! 

Sharing his perspective on life in Switzerland is our dog, Dunkin:


At Lake Zurich

“A few weeks ago, my whole world changed. Mom & Dad put me in my crate and loaded me onto a big, scary, magical machine. At first I was scared. There was nothing around but big bags and boxes. And it was dark. There was no one around. Soon though, I fell asleep for a long time to the loud humming noise. When I woke up I was shuffled around and transported to a big building, where I was reunited with Mom & Dad.  I had never been so happy to see them!

We settled into a new place and  it’s great! There’s a spot outside where I can sunbathe and watch squirrels and birds. Sometimes I chase them in my dreams. The yard is full of green grass where we play fetch. I can run around and chase balls all day! Mom gets scared of the slimy creatures she calls slugs so she doesn’t like the grass. But I think they are silly and harmless.

My favorite thing to do here is explore the forest. There are so many new smells! And there are always other 4-legged friends around…dogs, horses, deer!

Running through the forest chasing sticks

I love the trails, you never know what/who you’ll see and sniff. And when I get thirsty from running around and getting “the crazies” there are drinking fountains where I can share water with the 2-legged people. There are even water fountains just for me!

Water fountains for 2-legged and 4-legged friends

The 2-legged friends here really like me. I can go anywhere – into stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, trams, buses, trains, boats, even ski lifts! All I have to do is wag my tail and I’ll get a pat on my head or better yet, a treat. It’s too easy 🙂

It’s especially exciting to be on a big moving tram where I can look out the door and say hi when new friends come in. But Mom & Dad get mad if I don’t sit still. Rules, sch-mules. I’ll have you know that I’m a good pup!

Sitting nicely on the tram


Swimming in Lake Zurich

Here I am doing some more of my favorite things – swimming, hiking and boating!


Dunkin boat



I had my first visit to the v-e-t here last week. He seemed nice and I didn’t get poked in the bum or anything. Instead, he gave me a treat and said I was a good boy. And since I have my international microchip and Swiss passport, I’m now registered as a Swiss pup.

Where is this wondrous new place? I hope we don’t leave anytime soon. It sure is a dog’s world here!”