So you’re planning a trip to Paris! Ça le fait grave! The top of the Eiffel Tower boasts incredible views of the city and is definitely a must-see on your stop in the city of light. But avoiding the long, long lines at this tourist magnet is critical. Here are some tips before you go!

Long lines

Long, loooong lines at the Eiffel Tower

Avoiding the Long Lines

  • Arriving very early morning before opening or late in the evening just before closing when the crowd is at its minimum.
  • Booking your tickets online lets you purchase your tickets in advance. Be forewarned there may still be a line for the elevators, however this could cut your queuing time in half.
  • If you’re looking for a bit of exercise after all the croissants and cheese you ate earlier in the day (Aha! You know you did!), you can take the stairs to the second observation platform, for a total of 670 steps. Once you reach the second platform, you can take the elevator up to the top with no lines.
  • Having reservations for either restaurant in the Eiffel Tower grants you access to the elevators (I’ve heard only so-so reviews on the food and haven’t been).
  • Spending 40 Euros buying the Paris Easy Pass lets you skip the lines and go directly to the elevators.

So, whether you queue with the masses, make like the early bird, sweat it up, or wine and dine your way in..anyway you do it, do put this on your list for Paris, even if you’re not a hopeless romantic 😉