Hello 2-legged friends! I’m Dunkin Blais. Some of you may remember my first blog post awhile back.  Time flies and it’s been over 2 years now since we moved to this amazing place called Zurich. I am really loving it here – everyday is an adventure.

Here are some of my favorite Zurich moments. Woof!


Selfie in front of the Opera House. This is my serious look.Opera House


Awed by the Grossmünster and the big horse-man…I wonder why he never moves? He must get tired.Gross Munster


Enjoying the view of ducks…I mean, of Lake Zurich.Loving the view here


I’m king of the mountain! Squirrel!


Swim, swim, swim! I can show my 2-legged friends how it’s done 🙂Swim!


Enjoying the high ground at Lindenhof. Lindenhof


Oh! It’s the man with the big head…sometimes he scares me. I’ll try not to make eye contact.

Big head statue


Sitting nicely on the tram, getting ready to welcome my 2-legged friends.Tram


One of these days, I’m gonna get myself a boat. Yeah! Watching the boats


So I can do this everyday 🙂On the ferry


I can spend all day here just sniffing and chasing my ball. Lake Zurich


The little ones seem to really like me. Here I am getting pampered and loved. Not a bad life 🙂Kids


I love chasing rocks, chasing balls, chasing ducks. I just love chasing at the lake. Chasing balls


I know how to sit still and smile for the camera. Maybe one day, I can get paid for this! Smile


The weather is cooling down! There are lots of leaves on the ground now. Mom says it’s Autumn. She “Instagrammed” this one of me, whatever that means…Fall


Here I am working hard on my blog…I hope you like it!Working hard


Ahhh, a nice nap will do after all that excitement and hard work.  Sleepy time!

Thanks for reading about my adventures!

Big kisses,


paw print