Pikkujoulu or “little Christmas” is the traditional Finnish party in anticipation of Christmas, usually held a few weeks before the holidays, based on Advent. The festivity often includes a buffet of Christmas foods and drinks and even some singing among friends.

Mike and I were invited to our friends Tina & Mark’s annual Pikkujoulu in Zurich, where we spent the evening meeting friends and feasting on wonderful Finnish home cooking. We even learned a few Finnish words, though spelling them was a challenge 🙂

Here are some traditional Finnish holiday foods we ate that night…amazing!


“Joulutorttu” – Christmas tart with plum filling


“Korvapuusti” – “slapped ears” cinnamon pastry

Poronliha Voileipä

“Poronliha Voileipä” – sandwich with reindeer meat. Awww Rudolph! You tasted SO good!


“Lohivoileipä” – salmon sandwich topped with dill and lemon

Imelletty Perunalaatikko

“Imelletty Perunalaatikko” – traditional Finnish sweetened mashed potato casserole


“Lohi-katkarapuvoileipäkakku” – bread cake with smoked salmon and shrimp

Larjalanpiirakka ja munavoi

“Karjalanpiirakka ja munavoi” – Karelian pastry with egg butter


“Lihapulla” – Finnish meatballs


“Rosolli” – Finnish Christmas salad with potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, pickles, beetroot

We ate to our hearts’ content, accompanied by some Glögi (Finnish mulled wine with sliced almonds and raisins); Siideriä (cider) and Salmiakki ja minttu (a Finnish liquor that tastes like black licorice).

Thanks for a wonderful time and Hyvää Pikkujoulua!


Our hostess Tina with her Christmassy attire 🙂

Pikkujoulu Santa

Happy Pikkujoulu!