Valentine’s Day is approaching and nothing says love like chocolate 🙂 Living in a country best known for its heavenly sweets, it’s hard to resist trying um… everything(!) that Switzerland has to offer. From a Cali girl who grew up with brands like Hershey’s and See’s Candies, Switzerland offered me a whole new selection of yummy goodness. Just walking down the Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street in Zurich, you’ll find a dozen famous confectioneries and stores selling all sorts of satiable sweets you just can’t resist.

And without further ado, here are some of my favorite Swiss chocolates. Starting with Läderach, my favorite of all FAVORITES!


Hand-made Swiss chocolates since 1962. Not a long history but proven chocolates of perfection…

Läderach truffles and pralines

Läderach truffles and pralines


My personal favorite, Läderach chocolate bark pieces!

Läderach packaging

Comes in great packaging for giving and gifting

Läderach store

Läderach store in Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse – chocolates made fresh!



Created more than 70 years ago in a small town in the Swiss Alps…


Window-front of the Teuscher store on Bahnhofstrasse





The Swiss chocolatier that needs no introduction, Lindt has been famous worldwide for almost 150 years…


Lindt Truffles

Lindt Truffles


Lindt Bears

Who doesn’t love the Lindt Bears? 🙂


Confiserie Sprüngli

More than 175 years in the making, Sprüngli is world renown for both its chocolates and Luxemburgerli macaroons…

Sprüngli Entrance

Entering the Confiserie Sprüngli store at Paradeplatz, Zurich – established in 1859

Sprüngli Macaroons 1

Sprüngli is famous for their Luxemburgerli macaroons, delicious in every flavor

Sprüngli Champagne Macaroons

My favorite, champagne!

Sprüngli More Sweets

The store in Paradeplatz has a huge assortment of sweets

Sprüngli Pralines

And of course, chocolates!


Making chocolate since 1901…


Villars can be found in every assorted flavor

Villars 2



Founded by brothers in 1887, one of my local favorites…eaten almost everyday 🙂

Frey Pralines

Frey pralines


Cailler (Nestlé)

Born in 1796, François-Louis Cailler established the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still existing today. I am obsessed with their newest product – dark chocolate with blueberries, almonds and hazelnut!


My current obsession

Cailler chocolates

More Cailler chocolates

 Got the sweet tooth? What’s your favorite Swiss chocolate? 🙂